The Different Vagina Tightening Methods

By James Bragg / July 12, 2016

Many women across the globe contend with the problem of a loose vagina at some point in their lives. The vagina stretches when the pelvic floor muscle loosens and when the vulva opening becomes inordinately large. When the pelvic floor muscles are strong enough, everything else will be well-supported in place.

There is a myriad of ways one can make her vagina tighter again. And it is unfortunate that most women rush to surgical procedures before trying out the natural ways. The vagina could have loosened due to old age or pregnancy, but here are proven methods to get it back in shape:

Kegel Exercises: The best among the different vagina tightening methods

shgsu6shsasaOne of the most popular vaginal tightening technique in the world today is kegel exercises. These exercises are meant to target the pelvic floor muscles that hold up the bladder and make them tighter. The exercises are performed by a woman squeezing her inner pelvic muscles for around five seconds, pausing for five seconds, and squeezing another time for five seconds again.

After one figure out how to perform these exercises, she is supposed to repeat them at least five times every day. The challenge is usually how to locate the pelvic floor muscles, especially for those who are only starting out. To locate the muscles, one places the small finger inside the vagina and tries to squeeze her muscles around the finger.

Natural Diet

Natural diet is another very effective method of tightening a loose vagina. If one consumes foods that pack natural estrogens, for example, soybeans, pomegranates, fenugreek, sesame seeds, apples, and wheat berries, then she can be able to restore the vagina to the right shape. Consuming lots of organic lean animal proteins and whole grain organic carbs is also said to work the trick.


Practicing yoga on a regular basis is a good way to tone the vaginal muscles. Yoga works on and strengthens the pelvic floor muscles, thus, firming the muscles in the nether areas. Some yoga poses are more effective than others. For example, the Bridge Pose and the Child Pose are excellent when it comes to tightening the pelvic muscles. Repeating the poses many times daily will help one to get a tighter vagina in only a short period of time.



Squatting can also help one to effectively regain lost tightness. The problem is that many people perform this exercise wrongly. To properly do this exercise, one needs to stand with her feet outside the hip width with toes positioned out at about 30 degrees and feet being level. A person would then break at the hips pretending that she wants to sit on a bench, before coming back up. While doing this, it is important that a person pushes through the heel to prevent her from coming up on her toes.

Trying out the different vagina tightening methods is a surefire way to tighten one’s vagina within a short time and for long. OnĀ, you will see more tips.