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The Dangers of Sleep Apnea and Its Types

By James Bragg / May 27, 2021

Do you wake up at night and feel like you are choking or having trouble breathing? If yes, it probably was not a nightmare. It is most likely a health condition you have to look into and recognize. With these symptoms, you likely have sleep apnea, which can be a critical sleep disorder. Evaluate your […]


Healthy Food Diet: Things to Know

By James Bragg / May 19, 2021

Over the past two decades, more people worldwide have moved to a health-conscious region and away from a common diet. In short, the healthy food industry has evolved by inventing many options, from dairy-free to plant-based products. The healthiest food in the world is Kimchi, and that’s an irrefutable fact in Korea. However, while incorporating […]


Healthy Meal Ideas You Can Make at Home

By James Bragg / April 19, 2021

Some people love cooking. Cooking could be the happiest activity for them, from preparation until tasting the foods. However, cooking requires people to think. For instance, they need to determine the menu, ingredients, and benefits. Talking about the components, some people tend to consume healthy foods these days. It means that it could be more […]


Pneumonia Symptoms and Home Remedies

By James Bragg / July 1, 2018

Pneumonia is an infection that affects the lungs and is mainly caused by the complications due to their respiratory illness such as flu. Research shows that pneumonia is one of the largest infectious cause of deaths in children and around 7% of the adult deaths in the whole world. The symptoms of pneumonia depend on […]


How To Cure Herpes On Lips

By James Bragg / June 10, 2016

Herpes is an infection which is usually caused by virus Herpes simplex type 1. It appears in the form of the tiny bubbles on the lips or around them, as well as on the nose. The area that is infected with this virus may start to itch, or it will be hot, irritated and painful. […]


Unorthodox Treatment For Heart Failure

By James Bragg / June 9, 2016

Medical heart failure is a condition that prevents heart muscle’s work in full capacity due to which the organs and tissues receive significantly less blood, oxygen, and other beneficial substances. The mortality rate in these health problems is quite high, but they can be mitigated with proper nutrition, clean lifestyle and numerous preparations of medicinal […]