Three Most Beneficial Treatments for the Miss V

By Ruben Caldwell / April 4, 2018
Healthy V Healthy Woman

A vagina can bring either pleasure or misery to a woman. A healthy and sexy vagina boosts confidence, especially for sexually-active women. On the other hand, unhealthy miss V can cause discomforts and may lead to severe diseases. And just like typical genital health issues, not only oneself who may get affected, but so do their partners.

The common issues with miss V are abnormal excessive vaginal discharge, vaginal laxity (vaginal looseness), and enlarged labia. The more serious diseases are herpes, chlamydia, or HPV (Human Papilloma Virus). And to make things worse, still very few women are open about their genital health. While in fact, everyone, regardless their sexual behaviors, is prone to genital health problems.

However, thanks to the internet. Nowadays, you can acquire introductory knowledge on genital-related health issues. Once you feel any discomforts or aching, you can search first online about whether the condition requires medical attention or not. Some sites even give you suggestions on treating your private part for daily basis. It claims that self-treatment can improve miss V’s health and maintain the muscle health.


Happy PartnerVajacials is facial for Vagina. It involves applying and massaging creams and foams on the part. If you do it by yourself, make sure that the creams or foams you use do not contain any chemical substances, such as alcohol or antiseptic. They can alter the pH balance of your miss V and disrupt the microbiota. It is very important to keep the good bacteria thrive down there. And contrary to what you might have believed, you must not overly clean your Miss V.

If you are in doubt with what Vajacial is supposed to be like, it is better to get help from professionals. Visit your local Vajacial clinic, and consult your condition. Usually, the mixture of the cream they use contains honey, coconut oil, natural scent, peppermint, and salt.

Normally, you will receive the treatment in three stages: exfoliation, V-mask, and and the magic wand stage. During the exfoliation stage, the therapist will apply an exfoliating cream and scrub away the dead skin cells from your vulva. Then, they will observe whether there are skin conditions, like acne lumps or bumps. And at the next stage, the therapist will apply a V-mask. It tightens the skin on your vulva and gives natural scent without causing pH imbalance. In the last step of the treatment, the therapist will use a wand that emits high-frequency vibration on the skin of your delicate part. It stimulates cells growth and improves blood circulation.

Vaginal steam

Health ChartVaginal steam is like having a spa on your vagina. It is better to go to a therapist for this treatment because they have the proper tools. Buying them for yourself will waste your time on the preparation and the after-treatment cleaning.

Usually, a vaginal steam clinic will offer choices of the herbal mixture recipes. Each recipe has their own benefits. Tell your therapist what you want, or how the condition of your miss V is, to get the right herbal mixture.

Vaginal steam, as the name shows, uses the steam of vaporized herbal mixture. The heat enlarges the pores and blood vessels on the vulva and vagina, which allows the sublimated essence to enter the system.

Kegel exercise

Improving MusclesYou probably have heard this exercise a lot. Kegel strengthens the pelvic muscles and improves blood circulation in the area. The practice does not enhance the appearance of miss V but fixes it from the inside.

Doing Kegel exercise by yourself is alright. But there are other variations of it. To avoid boredom and redundancy, it will be better if you train with a trainer.